Our Story

Owned by a Ukrainian businesswoman with a successful previous experience of building Body Lab Bali esthetic clinic, Beauty Lab Bali started in November 2020 and is now the largest and most prestigious beauty salon in Bali. Among our clients are successful women and men, local and international social media influencers, celebrities and beauty lovers who loved to get spoiled with a one of a kind service.

Besides essential services and treatments for our guests, we also provide professional makeup & hair services for fashion shoots, bridals and other events.

Our philosophy is rooted in the idea of fully expressing yourself the way you choose. Whether it’s your big day, fancy Friday night out or busy Monday — give yourself permission to look stylish and stunning even without an occasion. Our aim is to guide and support you on the way to the “New You” with the focus to unfold and enhance your beauty.

Our Values

Extraordinary Standards

Blending the best international approaches to an upscale guest experience, we provide a heartfelt and dedicated level of service. Our attention to quality, discipline, cleanliness and team expertise is second to none in Bali, and we are proud to make these top-notch standards flourish.

International Team

Our team is comprised of 50 like-minded professionals from Europe, Russia and Indonesia. As our business is rapidly growing and our goal is to take leadership in the Asian beauty industry, Beauty Lab Bali’s team is very likely to expand soon. We constantly develop and educate our stylists, artists, therapists, etc. so that they master their expertise.

Positive & Ethical Culture

We follow ethical and diversity principles at every step, accepting all appearances, gender identities, age groups and nationalities. We maintain positive and healthy vibes inside our lab, which we hope will foster a sense of welcoming amongst guests and re-energize them.

Culturally Appropriate Service

We respect cultural differences and religious traditions of every nationality and conduct comprehensive training so that our team knows how to properly handle guests of any nationality. This helps us to reveal the uniqueness of each appearance — to accent the eyes of an Arabian woman with hybrid lashes or highlight the naturally long, straight hair of an Asian woman with the right haircut and aftercare products. We will take the men out of the room if our guest is wearing a Hijab, we know that head massage is a must-do treatment for Indonesians, and we understand the needs and expectations of Western clients, and why they matter to them.

The Team

At Beauty Lab Bali we have about 50 specialists working in 10 departments from Hair Coloring and Nail Service to Barber and Waxing. There are four levels of stylist expertise — beginning with Junior, followed by Senior, then Top Stylist and finally Creative Director. We offer curated, contemporary education for all levels of stylists, as well as hosting internal classes (up to ten months each) taught by International top stylists and creative directors that manage every department. We believe that education enhances motivation and hope to run an in-house Beauty & Style Academy.

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