Looking for a set of killer eyelashes? At beauty Lab Bali we offer you the best service on eyelashes. Our lash artist suggests a lash form that enhances your eyes, and compliments your face, whether it’s looking natural or drama queen hybrid lashes (you can join in and suggest a style, or just leave it to us). The eyelash artist will delicately, one-by-one put each new lash on your real ones, while you’re relaxing or napping. We have C, C+, D, M, L curls — each brought from Russia and Ukraine.

Get these Twiggy or Kylie Jenner-inspired lash look, wearing 2D doll lashes, or lashes empowered by rainbows. Either something bold or simply enjoying your upgraded natural, sleek and lavish lashes.

Say goodbye to mascara — we opt for unlimited beauty.

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