Our experienced stylists, many of which are multiple award-winners in both hairdressing as well as color, are ready to totally reinvent and reimagine your hair. Choose from our fancy color menu. From balayage and evergreen classics like foiling to complex free-hand hair bleaching, ultra-bright coloring (if not now, when, right?), as well as Air-Touch technique. We are so proud of this groundbreaking technique that was invented in Russia, that we certainly know how to do it just right to achieve a seamlessly blended look. Besides all this Beauty Lab Bali also offers new haircuts you won’t regret later. Even if it’s a big change like a radical pixie, we promise to make sure it suits you.

Last but not least — do you have trendy hair? Treat it well! You can start in our chair and book Olaplex, L’Oréal and Alfaparf treatments to repair, nourish, hydrate and boost your hair’s strength with vitamins.

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