Wanting your nails to reflect your emotional state or the latest beauty trend everyone’s buzzing about? Sounds like a plan. We are all set up to provide you with a top-quality European manicure or pedicure whether it’s a signature, classic, drill, or combined style. Beauty Lab can also introduce you to the Russian e-file manicure if you are willing to achieve that perfectly trimmed look. More than 300 fresh, delicate, intricate, and flamboyant colors by Luxio, OPI and Gloss in the menu offering absolutely no limits to your imagination. Retro press-on nails or matte hard gel? Timeless French or French with neon stripe? Scarlet red or glitter nails? Choose your fighter!

Being mindful of both the health of our clients as well as our staff, we promise that high standards of hygiene are daily maintained in our lab. We regularly and properly sanitize the nail bar at Beauty Lab in Bali. We use a UV cabinet to store and sterilize equipment, and tools like nail files and cuticle removers are all disposable.

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